Roy Thomas, Owner – Thomas Flooring

Thanks to the Martin and Martin law firm for helping us achieve the best outcome possible.  Thanks Peter, Phillip and Staff for your long hours and hard work.  I will always recommend your firm.

Shawn Rider

From day one, I knew I made the right choice in choosing Peter and Colleen Martin as my attorneys.  They took a real interest in my situation and their constant assurance throughout all the litigation was comforting.  They have an excellent support staff who was always willing to take time and effort in answering all my questions.  I never lost faith in Martin and Martin’s ability and extensive legal knowledge. I couldn’t have asked for a better legal team to handle my case.


“I truly appreciate your time and efforts in my case and I am prayerful the case will produce a blessing to you. I know you have been so generous with me and have cared for me and my children. I am very thankful for all you have done.”

Clinton Anderson, President – Downunder Horsemanship

“We had Martin and Martin in our corner for the biggest legal fight in our corporate history.  We won because they put their heart and soul into the case.  I hope we never need trial help again, but if we do we are going straight to them.”

Glennis Nelson

Thanks to the entire team for all you have done for our family over the past few years.

Jon Johnstone, CEO, Retail Merchandising Solutions, Inc.

I feel very fortunate that we had Mr. Martin representing us.  He did an absolutely fantastic job.  It is very clear to me that Mr. Martin drove the success of this case.  His due diligence paid off enormously and quite frankly was brilliant in how he handled our case.  I seriously doubt our case would have settled anywhere near what it did had it not been for all the work Mr. Martin did for us.  Many thanks for a truly outstanding job!

Tom Messer, President – Messer Group, Inc.

Martin & Martin Law has represented my company in various legal matters over several years.  There is a reason that we have used Peter Martin and his staff exclusively.  They have managed in every instance to assist us in getting the most favorable terms for my company. 

Peter Martin excels in his ability to perform strategic thinking, and to grasp the big picture of any situation, while responding in the most expeditious manner.  Watching his staff perform is amazing.  Peter has the ability to mount an awesome defense, backed up by visual aids that are intimidating to the opposition. 

I have always found that he keeps a close eye on costs while mounting an awesome action.  Anyone who engages Martin & Martin for representation will never have any regret about the decision.

Gary Kaplan, President – Construction, Zurich Insurance

“I applaud your courage in ligating this issue through all levels of the legal system and thank you for the result achieved.  Thank you again for helping to positively shape the construction industry in Texas.”